Welcome, Mobile Thrivers!

When you’re leading a global movement of health and wellness, you’re always on the go. There’s no time to rest when you’re busy changing lives, after all!

With you in mind, we’ve just rolled out a brand-new (and free!) mobile app designed to make your business easier and more efficient, while also improving your user and ordering experience.

Now your Le-Vel business goes wherever you do!

This new app brings everything you need to run your business into the palm of your hand. Whether you need to check on a product order or promotion, review your production, contact a customer or team member, or access training videos, your back-office essentials are available to you 24/7 on your smartphone or tablet. The app saves you time so you can focus on your priorities. It doesn’t get any easier or more convenient!

You can share the Thrive Experience with the click of a button. It's simple to post to your social media or send messages to your phone contacts through the app.

And for iPad users: Create presentations for team members or potential Thrivers using resources on the app. You can even use tools to highlight and call out certain information in your presentation. These great tools are even more reason to achieve your iPad bonus!

To log in for the first time as a Promoter, you’ll need to create a PIN that will be used specifically for the app.

Ready to simplify your business and your life? Download the Android or iPhone app today, and get started!

Awesome Features

Intuitive Use

Browse, search, quickly order products and packages, and set up autoships.

Designed for Convenience

View product information and documents tied to your orders and business, all at your fingertips in the state of the art cloud mobile app.

Always Connected

Receive real-time notifications of messages from Le-Vel, so you can stay at the forefront of the fastest growing health and wellness movement in the world.

Social Sharing

Share the app through social media or text message and spread the commitment of all THRIVERS to help every individual live the life they deserve.

Be Informed

Watch and share videos about Le-Vel and the real life-changing experiences brought on by THRIVE. Stay up to date with the latest news and communications coming straight from LV.

Free Enrollment

Sign up for free and start your THRIVE Experience... then get ready for the opportunity to change your life.

Ready to Get Started?

Remember, the first time you login as a Promoter, you'll need to create a PIN that will be used only within the mobile app.
For any comments or questions please contact Support through your Cloud Office.